Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Amazing Adventure

The Amazing Adventure is a very little known British movie that starred Carey Grant as Ernest Bliss and Mary Brian as Frances Clayton.  The movie was released on July 28, 1936.  I streamed this on Amazon.  If you  are an Amazon Prime member there are lots of movies that you can stream for free.  The quality of this film is not the best.  It is very grainy and some of the dialog sounds a bit unclear, but I still enjoyed this film immensely.  It is a Cinderella type story and it just warmed my heart.  It was filmed entirely in England.  It was also titled The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss.  When the movie was released in America in 1937 it was renamed The Amazing Adventure.    


Carey Grant was perfect as Ernest Bliss.  He is handsome, debonair and charming as ever.

Mary Brian was perfect as Frances Clayton.  I loved her character from the beginning and knew that she would be Ernest's object of love and desire.  Mary Brian was born n 1906 and passed away in 2002 at the rip old age of 96.

The Amazing Adventure is a fast paced movie.  Ernest Bliss is a very wealthy young man who is not feeling well so he goes to see a doctor.  The doctor examines Ernest and there is nothing physically wrong with him.  Ernest is simply bored.  He is really suffering from the idleness of the very wealthy socialite life.  The doctor doesn't really care much for people like Ernest who contribute nothing to society except parties.  Ernest makes a bet with the doctor that he can live on his own and earning his own money.  Ernest leaves his upscale apartment with only 5 dollars and for one year he has to find a job and live only on what he earns.  Ernest cannot touch any of his money for his own personal use and good or else he will have to pay the doctor 50 thousand pounds.     

Ernest is rents a room in a lower class neighborhood.  He spends weeks trying to find work but it is hard economic times.  He finally begs for a job selling stoves.  This is where he meets Frances Clayton who works at the company as a sort of office manager.  Frances is poor and barely makes end meet.  She is also helping her family out.   
 Mary Brian as Frances Clayton

Ernest pursues Frances Clayton and falls deeply in love with her.  

The stove company is floundering but Ernest finds a way to make it successful and prevent it from closing.  Now the owner of the company wants to marry Frances and she is considering it only because her sister is ill and needs medical attention.  Frances has no idea that Ernest is really a rich socialite.  Frances really loves Ernest and breaks off with him to marry The stove company owner.   
Ernest cannot let go of Frances and goes looking for her.  He finally asks her why it is so important to marry the other man.  Is it only for money?  That is when she confesses that she would not being doing if her sister was not ill.  Ernest did not know she had a sick sister.  

With only weeks to go to win the bet Ernest makes a decision about Frances.  You will have to watch it to find out what that decision is,  but I am sure you can guess.

The Amazing Adventure is a very delightful 20th century Cinderella love story.

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