Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally Rceived FAULT Magazine With Richard on It.

Well, I finally did receive my copy of FAULT magazine with Richard Armitage on the cover.  It arrived last week on Friday.  I did not expect the magazine to be as thick as it is.  There is so much in it including lots of photos of different people.  I only bought it because Richard is in it and I adore the photos of him.

I wish that the top of Richard's head had not been cropped off in some of photos in the magazine.  The man has gorgeous hair. 

I wonder what is to become of the other photos that were taken during this photo shoot.  Richard posed in several outfits.  The photographer must have taken hundreds of pictures of Richard that day, yet only a fraction of them were published in the magazine.  I know that all and  even most of the photos could not make it into the article, but it just seems strange that Richard went through all that for a few photos for this article. 

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