Friday, February 1, 2013

Does Richard Armitage Have a Girlfriend or not?

Ahhh....what a handsome hunk of a man!  Anyway, I got the idea for this post from one of Richard Armitage fan blogs that I enjoy visiting.  Many fans seem to feel that Richard would keep having a girlfriend a secret to protect his privacy and not have to answer any questions.   I love that Richard Armitage is a private person.  That may seem strange since he has chosen a very public career.  Some people may think that actors are not entitled to have their own private lives and should expect the public to pry.  I don't think that at all.  Acting is a career choice and at the end of the day I feel that actors are entitled to go home without the prying eyes of the public.  

In Richard's case, there is much speculation about whether or not he is in a relationship.  It really isn't anyone's business, but as a huge fan I can understand the interest by so many women.  We really cannot help it...LOL   After I saw Richard for the first time in BBC North & South I went online to find out more about him; including his marital status.  A girl can dream can't she?  :-)

Richard Armitage seems to be a very private person when it comes to talking about his personal life.  I respect that and I do believe that is the best choice that he can make for himself. However, to me, not giving details about your relationship is not the same as pretending altogether that you are not in one.  Does this mean that when Richard gets married he is going to also pretend that he isn't?  

Why can't Richard have a girlfriend or wife and the two of them commence with their relationship like anyone else while Richard simply keeps details of it off limits.  Richard Armitage is not the first handsome actor the world has ever known and will not be the last.  Many male celebrities who have huge female fans the world over are in relationships.  What makes Richard so different that he needs to hide away a girlfriend if he has one?  If during an interview Richard is asked if he has a girlfriend and he does, what is wrong with him saying yes?  I think it is a normal question to ask and does not constitute prying.  Asking for details of your relationship is a whole other story and that is where I can understand RA would want to draw the line.  But having a girlfriend is not a crime or a top secret event that needs to be hidden for the sake of privacy.  Richard can have a relationship that people know about without inviting the world in.  It is done all the time by other celebrities.

Richard just recently experienced meeting Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at the London Hobbit premiere.  For the British that is huge.  If there was a love of his life why would she not be there?  I just cannot picture Richard having a woman in his life and saying "I am going to meet Prince William tonight while attending the premier of one of the greatest movies I will ever make.  I will tell you all about it when I get home."  Why would she not have been standing behind Richard with his mother when he met Prince William?  Peter Jackson had his wife and children there.  Leaving a significant other at home during significant times of your life simply does not make sense to me.  Granted, I don't know the man, but I like to believe that if Richard had a love of his life right now he would proudly have taken her to the London premiere of The Hobbit.  Other actors in The Hobbit were with their spouses and girlfriends.

If Richard Armitage does have a girlfriend, I see no  logical reason why he would feel the need to hide her or pretend that he does not have one.  From my viewpoint it just ain't that serious.   


Anonymous said...

Hi Xenia,
Maybe he's just single for the time being....? I remember reading in an article that he'd had a live-in girlfriend and that she later moved its possible that he's just casually dating and he's not in anything serious. He likes curvy women, which is refreshing!

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hi Jasmine,

That is what I have been thinking about RA for a while. Casual dating is probably what he is doing right now considering that he just came out of a long term project (The Hobbit) and he has been flying around the world doing publicity for it. And now getting ready to return to finishing up The Hobbit. There is still a battle scene that has to be filmed.

I was just baffled as to why so many feel that if RA is in a relationship he would put so much energy into keeping the woman in the background to avoid answering questions about her. It just is not that serious. I think that Richard Armitage can nurture a serious relationship with someone and keep the press out of his personal life without resorting to hiding her. Other male celebrities more famous than RA have done it. Besides, who would not expect RA to fall in love and get married some day?

Yes, I am glad that RA loves curvy women. He also does not seem to be into the Hollywood starlet type. I do remember though reading an RA interview and he was described the Sarah Caulfield character as beautitul. I was a little disappointed. No disrespect to the actress who played Sarah Caulfield, but she is very anorexic looking, so I was left a bit dumbfounded when RA made that remark. Here in America people think that is beautiful but I like to think that people in other countries have more sense.

I remember that article where RA mentions the live in girlfriend. They were together for about a year and a half. You know, it is possible that RA is not that great at relationships. I am not assuming that the breakup was his fault. I am just making a general observation. Relationships take work, time and dedication. I never got the impression that RA wants to be in one with the same intensity that he has for acting. I also get the feeling that away from the cameras RA is a loner and sharing your space is not an easy thing for a loner to do. As one gets older it becomes harder to do. I am sure that deep down RA would love to fall in love and get married, but with him being a loner it may be challenging. I would love for RA to find his special love and take all that energy and focus that he puts into acting and turn it towards that special woman.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just missed all of the discussion about RA hiding a significant other. I think it highly probable that as busy as he his, there just isn't really time for a serious relationship.

Obviously, based on my own post, I appreciate that Richard is a private person. However, if he did have a truly special person in his life, I would think he'd behave similarly to Martin Freeman. You know, not being an open book about his private life, but taking said person to important premieres and such.

Collar City Brownstone said...

I agree with you 100% and your own post was great. I do believe that if Richard did have a special lady in his life, while he would guard his privacy, he would take her with him to events of his life that are important. He would lead as normal a life as possible with her just as any other male celebrity does. But just about every time I say this on other blogs I get so much darned flack over it as if it was the most outrageous thing to say. Others seem to think he would not take her out anyplace so that no one sees them together and just about deny that he does have a girl. Or that she would not want to accompany him to public events. To me that goes beyond guarding your privacy, but instead more like paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned that whoever met the Prince probably had to have a security / background check? That mitigates against taking any casual partner along.

Collar City Brownstone said...

I forgot about that aspect of it but I never figured Richard would be much interested in taking a casual date. He doesn't seem to be needy in that way. Many other men and women cannot stand to go places unless they have a date.

Trudy said...

I have no idea why people would even think he's hiding anything. I guess some new fans assume someone as handsome as he has to be dating or seeing someone? I never really give it much thought. I assume that given his recent intense involvement in his acting career, he just hasn't developed anything remotely serious on the dating scene. His energy, time, and thoughts seem to be very much otherwise occupied at present.
I hope love hits him by surprise someday and things happen quickly. He's old enough now to know who he is and what he needs/wants in a relationship. I'll be curious when someone does appear on the radar, but until then I'm happy to leave him to his privacy.
Oh, and I thought it was adorable that he brought his mother with him to meet Prince William. (Reminds you of Thornton now, doesn't it? 😉)

Collar City Brownstone said...

I loved that Richard brought his Mom with him to meet Prince William. I read over at other blogs people reading something else into that and I refuse to even go there. I thought it was a beautiful thing to see and it is an example of the close and supportive relationship that Richard has with his parents. If I were going to meet Barack and Michelle Obama I would certainly bring my Mom.

Richard has not really given any signs that being in a committed relationship is very important to him. He has always given intense focus to being an actor though and it seems to be what mainly drives him. Also as you said, Richard is old enough to know who he is and what he wants in a relationship. He will soon be 42 years old. He is no spring chicken and he has been out in the world since he was 17 years old. But if I were to say these things on someone else's blog I would be ripped to shreds. If I say anything that even remotely suggests that Richard is a human being just like the rest of us I get a beat-down. But the fact is that Richard is now what we call middle aged. He has not had any children yet even though he says he would like to be a father. Yes, I know that he said he wants to be more financially secure, but surely he has been that for a while now; especially after he did North & South. As far as we know he has only co-habitated with one woman in his life so far and that did not last long. What do these clues tell anyone? I am not saying these things as criticism, but only relating what I have observed about Richard. I get the impression that getting married and having a family is something Richard would like to do but they are not burning desires and that is not a crime. I think that if Richard ever does marry it would probably be because he was blindsided by love. The woman would be so extraordinary to him and only then would Richard shift most of his energy and focus over to his relationship with her. He would also never want to part with her and no acting job would be as important as his marriage. That is what love does. When it comes to love and relationships Richard seems to be very much like Mr. Thornton. :-) I do respect that too.

Dina Helmy said...

It just occurred to me that he might be bisexual or something. High profile actors, especially the ones who are considered as sex symbols, tend to hide that fact in fear of affecting their career. So, maybe he actually IS in a relationship, but given his current rising status in acting, he's keeping it under wraps. It is as you said, we all respect his dedication to his career, and rightfully so; but attending all these events alone and being that secretive has made me a little suspicious. I love him either way and this is just a theory.

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hi Dina,

I guess that anything is possible. I am sure that many people have speculated about Richard's sexuality since he has never been married and is never seen with a woman. At least not since he dated Anabel Caper. I am not sure if Richard is deliberately being secretive or simply has not been in a relationship in a while so there is nothing to talk about. I think that it is entirely possible that Richard is not as great navigating through love and relationships as he is with his career. We all have our theories.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Morrighan Muse said...

Love your blog - I just have to figure out how to add it to my blogroll over on WP :-P

I have no problems with Richard not having brought a date with him - other than his mum - to meet the Prince. I like that he keeps his private life private, whether he is seeing someone or not.

I don't think it's a sign of paranoia on his part or that he's hiding something *cough*. I have male friends who didn't marry till they were in their mid-forties, and even didn't start really seriously dating till then because they had crazy schedules, traveling and such. At least for men, there isn't really a time table that they should be dating at "this time", or be married at "this time" because otherwise, if they're not doing either, they could be something wrong with them.

It's really more of society's projections and expectations which put so much pressure on men (and women) of a certain age these days, insisting that we all get into a pre-defined box and stay there.

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hi Morrighan Muse,

Society dos expect both men and women to be married by a certain and I have to admit that even I have projected that onto Richard Armitage. Well, not so much marriage, but I expected him to at least be in a serious relationship by now.