Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ten People in The World That I Would Most Want To Meet

Have you ever thought about the people throughout history that you would most like to meet?  If you were granted a wish to meet any 10 people thoughtout history living or gone from earth who would those people be?

Here are my 10 picks:

1) Emanuel Jesus the Christ

2) Saint Germain

3) Nikola Tesla


4) George Washington

5) Cleopatra

6) Eleanor Roosevelt

7) Oprah Winfrey

8) Barack Obama

9) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

10) Richard Crispin Armitage (I know that you all are very suprised by this one)

11) A Bonus person:   Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on The Prairie)

Who are the 10 people throughout history (living or gone) that you would love to meet most?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are all so the top of my head I would most like to meet

1. My grandfather (died when my dad was little)
2. Katharine Hepburn
3. Fred Astaire (my childhood/teen/still going on today crush)
4. Audrey Hepburn
5. The Dali Lama
6. Nelson Mandela
7. Henri Matisse
8. Queen Elizabeth I
9. Marie Curie
10. Barbara Feldon (Agent 99)

ohhh that was tough, and interesting!