Sunday, January 20, 2013

Richard Armitage & Ultimate Force Now on Netflix

In case you don't already know and you are an avid Richard Armitage fan, you can now stream Ultimate Force on Netflix.   Amen, Hallelujah!  I am happy because I was NOT going to buy the DVD set.  These type of movies are not what I like to spend my money on.  However, I did want to see it because Richard is in it.  I want to be able to say that I saw Richard in every available production.  

If you have not seen Ultimate Force yet and you have Netflix you can now stream ALL seasons and episodes.   Richard appears in season two (2003) and is in all episodes except for episode one of the second season.  Right now I am on episode three.  So what do I think of Ultimate Force so far.   Well, to be absolutely honest to me It's CRAP.  But Richard is in it so I have to see it once.   

Ahhh....the things I do for this man (except buy the DVD).

Richard's performance in Ultimate Force is great.  

Richard if you ever come across my blog and you are reading this, please stop making these senselessly violent movies.  Instead put on your cravat and give Margaret another kiss.  Make love not war.

Oh, btw,  I can now see Richard Armitage in Strike Back on Amazon.  Finally I don't have to purchase that DVD either.  I can just stream it once on Amazon.   


Update on Ultimate Force:  I have now watched all the episodes that Richard is in.  I adore Richard's acting, but programs like Ultimate Force is not for me at all.  I am so glad that I did not invest any money buying the DVD and streaming this once is enough. 



Trudy said...

You tell him, Xenia! Lol. "Make love, not war." I'm with you on that.
I've not tried to watch half the stuff he's done. Most of it doesn't appeal and I don't really have the time. Someday....
Here's hoping he does a drama or romance where he doesn't wield a weapon (other than his killer voice and glances!) and his character is still alive when the credits roll. :)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Trudy I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I love Richard's acting but I am not bowled over about many of the productions he has been in and I am not going to say they are great just because Richard Armitage is in them. The only RA DVD's I purchased are North & South, The Vicar of Dibley, The Impressionists and Sparkhouse. I really did not care for The Hobbit movie and will not be buying the DVD when it comes out. However, I do love Richard's performance in The Hobbit and he looks and sounds handsome and sexy in it. I really wish that Peter Jackson did not make The Hobbit into an adult film.

Richard has done so many action adventure type productions back to back over the past few years. There really has not been anything like North & South or The Impressionist in a very long time. I hope that he does not end up type casting himself.

Trudy said...

I'm clinging to the hope that his next major project will be something with a little romance in it. (OK, a lot!) He's said he would like to do something more simple (not action and special effects?), so a good drama would be excellent!
Crossing my fingers!
I haven't seen The Impressionists yet. I keep forgetting about it. I liked Sparkhouse, but it's pretty intense. Love VoD! Who doesn't?! I've only seen season 7 of Spooks and just a little bit of RH. I'm really not a very well-rounded fan. I'm immersed in Thornton. I did see The Hobbit and liked it enough that I will want to see it again. It generally isn't my type of movie, but I found it was entertaining - and thrilling to see RA on the big screen in a major role!
I hope Black Sky is interesting. sigh. Another movie where he'll be running around in high adrenaline...
We'll keep dreaming for the romantic drama. :)

J said...

I sooooo agree. I've spent way too much time watching bad British television shows on YouTube and Netflix. And The Hobbit? I did my part contributing $17 to the $1 billion, but was bored after 20 minutes. Parts 2 and 3? I'll wait for the DVDs. Richard: keep your clothes on and kiss a decent-looking woman for a change, please. Please! Will someone PLEASE cast him in a love story?! And not a stupid, Hollywood, "meet cute," so-called love story with a 90-lb., 20-year old "love interest." A real love story. About adults. Thank you for listening.

Collar City Brownstone said...

J, I am so with you on The Hobbit movie and I am also NOT going to pay to see parts 2 and 3. Paying to see the first one is more than enough for me. Besides, our money won't be missed. Thousands of others will see it and make billions more for Peter Jackson and the movie studios. I will not buy the DVD's either. I will wait for parts 2 and 3 to come on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I also totally agree with you about Richard keeping his clothes on. When I saw RA completely nude and in bed doing the "do" with Alona I was turned off and dare I say embarrassed as well?

I am a little different than many in the RA Fandom. I won't purchase DVD's that go against my grain even if RA is in them. Many fans do not seem to mind the slew of violent films that Richard is in. I want to see Richard do more than yell and holler and shoot up people on screen. I am looking forward to the release of Black Sky.

I would love to see Richard do more love stories, but also not the type you described. Actually this subject would make for a great blog post. Thanks J!!!!

J said...

I agree! When I stumbled upon "that" scene from Between the Sheets (somewhere online), I actually yelled "No!!!" out loud, winced, turned away and threw up my hands to block the screen. Too much information about my fantasy man! Not to mention, that woman did NOT know what to do with the glorious body in front of her: tender caresses, woman, not a crude squeeze. Could the Army give her lessons, or what?