Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pastel Artist - Adriana Meiss

 Sunflower Farm

Adriana Meiss is an artist that I found online as I was admiring the blogs of various artists.  Adriana's medium of choice is pastel.  I love pastel art.  The colors usually reflected so beautifully and softly.

All of Adriana's artwork can be purchased at AdrianaMeiss.com.  Adriana also has a blog about her artwork that you can see HERE.  

Adriana's artwork is so lovely and I can see why lovers of art are purchasing her creations.  Her pastel art makes great additions to any room in your home.  

 Adirondack Cottage

 Meadowbrook by Moonlight

 Rainy Day at Old Forge

 Evening Reflections

 Stillness Before Dusk

 A Moody Day

 Meadowbrook at Sunset


 Peaceful Morning

 Phoenix Sunset

White Barn Near Warring Road


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