Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Blind and Married 63 Years

Jake and Mary

The stories of these three couples are incredible.  First there is Jake and Mary.  Jake is originally from TrinidadJake met Mary while he was stationed in England as part of the American forces.  Mary's father told her that of she married Jake that she would no longer be a part of the family.  Mary was 19 when Jake asked her to marry him.  Mary accepted Jake's proposal and her father threw her out.  Mary and Jake were married in 1948 and remained happily married for over 60 years.  
 Shafique and Pamela

Shafique is from Bangladesh and Pamela is a Londoner.  Pamela's mother was fine with their union, but her father was against it and refused to show up to witness his daughter marrying Shafique at the register Office in 1965.  Shafique later became the favorite son-in-law after Pamela's father saw how well he took care of his daughter.

Jaz and Primrose

Jaz is a Sikh who grew up in Britain.  Primrose is from Zimbabwe.  Jaz had to stand up to his family about his relationship with an African girl.  Zak's parents were lining up prospective brides in India for Zak while he was dating Primrose.  Zak insisted that he wanted to marry Primrose.  Luckily for Zak, when it came right down to it, his parents just wanted him to be happy.  Zak and Primrose were married in 2009.  

To read the full stories of these couples click HERE.  The article is dated October 6, 2011, so Jake and Mary would be married now for 65 years.


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