Friday, January 25, 2013

Arch de Triumph

This morning I streamed Arch de Triumph (Arch of Triumph) on Netflix.  This classic movie was originally released on February 17, 1948 and is based on the book of the same name that was written by Erich Maria Remarque.  A lot of illegal refugees swarm to Paris, France to hide out.  One of them is Dr. Ravic played by Charles Boyer.  Dr. Ravic is a kind man who likes to help people who need medical attention, but he is practicing medicine illegally.  Dr. Ravcic is also seeking revenge against a Nazi officer played by Charles Laughton.

One night while out in the rain, Dr. Ravic comes upon a distraught woman who is thinking about ending it all after her lover dies.  Dr. Ravic takes care of her and eventually  they fall in love.     

 Charles Boryer and Ingird Bergman star as Dr.Ravic and Joan Madou.

 A distraught Joan is saved by Dr. Ravic.

Joan Madou does not want to be without Dr. Ravic.

Joan wants to be with Dr. Ravid forever, but he tells her that it is impossible because he is an illegal refugee and there is a bounty on his head.  Dr. Ravic is caught and deported.  Out of loneliness Joan takes another lover who sets her up in a a luxury apartment.  Dr. Ravic sneaks back into Paris as he has done countless times before.  Joan's heart belongs to Dr. Ravic and she tries to leave her lover.  

 Charles Laughton

  Director Lewis Milsetone

Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman have great chemistry as the lead characters.  Ingrid's character is weak.  She cannot stand to be alone.  Joan would rather be dead than be alone.  It amazes me that in this movie the men are so attracted to such a needy woman.  Arch de Triumph is an interesting movie to watch.  Get your popcorn out and enjoy it.  

Erich Maria Remarque, author of the book Arch de Triumph published in 1945.

Old-Fashioned Charm

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