Thursday, January 3, 2013

Adam and Evelyne

 Yesterday I streamed a delightful movie titled Adam and Evelyne.  The movie stars beautiful Jean Simmons as Evelyne and very handsome Stewart Granger as Adam Black.

Adam and Evelyne was made in England and released on May 31, 1949.   The plot is a bit ridiculous but entertaining never the less.  A jockey named Chris Kirby dies in a horse racing accident.  Before Chris dies he confesses to his boss (Adam Black) that he has a daughter (Evelyne) that lives in an orphanage.  Strangely enough the daughter has never seen her father.  They have only been writing to one another and the father makes the daughter think that Adam Black is her father. 

At the start of the film Evelyne is sixteen years old.  
 Adam Black promises Evelyne's father that he would look after her, so he travels to the orphanage.  Adam cannot bring himself to tell Evelyne that he is not her father and that the jockey, Chris Kirby, is her real father.

Adam tries to get his butler to tell Evelyne the truth, but his butler chickens out too.  

Evelyne adores Adam and remains thinking the he is her father.  Evelyne is finally told the Adam is not her father by Adam's "friend" Moira who is in love with Adam.  Moira is separated from her husband and waiting for her divorce to be final.  Moria is played very wekk by English actress Helen Mary Cherry.

English actress Helen Mary Cherry

 Adam sends Evelyne off to a fine boarding school in Switzerland.  Two years later Evelyne returns to Adam Black's house as a beautiful grown up young woman.  Moira becomes jealous of Evelyn because she knows that Adam has always cared about her and now is attracted to her since she has grown up.  

Adam never told Evelyne that he makes his money by running an illegal gambling club.  Moira and Adam's brother scheme to enlighten Evelyne.  Moira wants Adam and Adam's brother wants to marry Evelyne.

Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger on the set of Adam and Evelyne.

 In America Adam and Evelyne was released as Adam and Evalyn.

I thought the ending of Adam and Evelyne was lame.  You can make up your own mind about the ending if you decide to watch it.  I streamed it on Netflix.

Stewart Granger was 16 years older than Jean Simmons.  They became a couple and were married from 1950 to 1960.  


JoKnows said...

That looks like a lot of fun to watch. I will have to check it out!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These old movies can be so entertaining! What a different world. I hope you have a great new year away up there in the far north in your lovely house!