Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thouroughly Engaged: Xenia Allen

I was very honored to be asked to be interviewed by writer and artist Ev Journey.  Miss Journey wrote a book titled Margaret of the North which I read and reviewed a few months ago.  You can read my review HERE

Ev Journey is quite in interesting person to know.   Besides writing and art, at least a couple times each year Ev Journey travels to Paris, France with her husband to spend extended time.

Thank you very much Ev Journey for this wonderful opportunity.

Thoroughly Engaged: Xenia Allen

Ah, romance! It makes us dream, smile, glow, sigh, tingle, burn, cry, cringe, despair, joyous, jealous, fearful, angry. Is there any other human experience that elicits such a range or polarity of emotions? And yet, rather too many of us, modern sophisticates, do not or would not own up to being romantic or at least believing so unconditionally in romance. Perhaps, that is because our idea of romance is limited to visions and sensations from bodies heaving frantically against each other.

Xenia is rare, in that sense—an unabashed romantic who believes one could love that special someone forever. But romance for her goes beyond that.  It infuses every aspect of her life. I realized, interviewing Xenia, that romance is founded on faith. And faith is what drives her. Not only faith in romance, but also in spirituality, in herself, in life. As she says:.........  You can read the rest of the interview..... HERE.




Anonymous said...

Well done Xenia :)

JoKnows said...

Lovely interview. It's great to know more about you!