Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shoes Love

I don't wear really high heels anymore, but if I did, these shoes are what I would be wearing.  They are very fashionable.  The first seven photos are shoes by Christian Louboutin.  

Two toned pumps by Chanel.

The remaining photos are the style and heel length that I wear now.  

I mostly prefer to wear flat ballerina style shoes.  I know that high heels makes your legs look longer and slimmer, but this girl just doesn't want to leave the house in high heels to face a long day out with them on.  I want to be stylish, but I also want to be comfortable.  I will not sacrifice comfort for style.  I can have both.  I am just under 5'6" tall and most of my height is in my legs.  I have a short torso and long legs.  My legs are also slim so I am not worried about my legs appearing long and slim in shoes.  They already do even when wearing flats.  

Open back shoes by Chanel.

Chanel bow pumps.  This heel is still very comfortable.
No way will I ever give up flat ballerina style shoes.  These are by Chanel.
Suede flats by Chanel.

 I can handle this length heel in wedges but I would still not be wearing it often.  This one is by Chanel.

 Christian Louboutin wedge shoes

Some women are not comfortable wearing such flat shoes because they have a very high instep, but flats are completely comfortable for me.

Christian Louboutin wedge heels


Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

I want every last one of those pink heels above, simply divine!! And i love that black heel/wedge by Chanel...I've been wearing mostly wedges as they give me height which is much needed in my short 5'2 frame while not subjecting me to a true high heel of that height... win, win :)

Susan Chuang said...

Wedges shoes in army green, I love comfortable shoes with lace, I love high heels in red.