Sunday, December 23, 2012

Richard Armitage Is A Grown Ass Man!

I just came across a post on another blog that expresses my sentiments exactly.  Richard Armitage has a huge fan base of women who has created a persona that has him so high up on a pedestal.  Now you all know how much I ADORE Richard Armitage.  Besides being a very talented actor (and HANDSOME), I also think he is a very decent, kind and good natured man.  I would also say that Richard is very humble.  I love the English gentleman in him.   However, I do not sit here thinking that he is some perfect godlike man that I should worship.  I read all the time comments from other women who seem to think that Richard is a demure victim of his own chosen career path.  Richard is a grown over forty year old man in control of his own life.

Anyway, I am reblogging this post by Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage because I think it is time for someone to finally say what needs to be said and it was well stated here.

I’m starting to think that some fans have Richard Armitage on a such a high, precarious pedestal that they are resorting to putting him into the victim category as a means of preserving the godlike idol they have created. Why do I think this? Because I’ve read far too many complaints over the direction his PR handlers are taking him. Or that he’s going to be boxed in to a certain type of role. I even saw some garbage remark over being angry with Fault magazine for their video of his photoshoot. the rest of this post HERE.

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