Monday, December 17, 2012

It Is Almost Christmas

Eight more days until Christmas.  December 25th is known throughout the world as the day that Jesus the Christ was born.  Emanuel Jesus the Christ has always been a very important person in my life.  Jesus has influenced me on just about every level and continues to do so.   Over the years as I awakened spiritually, December 25th has taken on even more profound meaning to me.  It is not only about the birth of Jesus, but also the birth or acknowledgement of the Christ that resides within and directly above all people.  It is about remembering to turn within towards that Magic Presence that goes before me and stands behind me every time I go out into the world.   

Exchanging gifts during the Christmas season is a fun thing to do, but it has gotten way out of hand over the past several years, so me and my family do not focus much on that anymore.  I do put a lot of energy into Christmas decorating.  I love real Christmas trees and seeing so many festive lights all over the place.  There is nothing quite like an old fashioned Christmas. 

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