Friday, November 30, 2012

Perfumes and Body Sprays

I really love wearing perfume when I go out.  I don't care of a perfume is expensive or cheap.  If the scent thrills me I will buy it and wear it.  My favorite perfume scents tend to lean more towards flowers or musk.  I don't care much for fruity scents so I stay away from perfumes or body sprays that smell like fruits.  In this post I will list the perfumes and body sprays that I absolutely love.  The list is short and ranges from expensive to super cheap.  To me they are all lovely to wear  
I have to start with Chanel No5 since I just did a blog post about Coco Chanel.  


Chance also by Chanel is one of my favorites.  It is difficult for me to exactly describe the fragrances of Chance and Chanel No5,  but I can say that both are extremely fragrant and last for several hours.  Both parfums smell luxurious and rich.    Chance, to me, smells floral and musky and at the same time.  Both are very expensive but worth it.

Next up are Beautiful and Pleasures by Estee Lauder.  I have been loving these two perfumes since Estee Lauder first came out with them.  They are also expensive, but whenever I see them being sold as special gift sets I get them. 

Body Fantasies Body Spray in Japanese Cherry Blossom and Fresh White Musk are FABULOUS!.  Body Fantasies makes this sprays in other scents, but these two are my favorites.  I have not tried the other scents.  The scents of both of these are very fragrant, but not as long lasting as you would like unless you use a lot.  The price point is right on the money.  It is under $10.00.  You can get this body spray at your local Walmart or Walgreen's.  These body sprays are truly some of the loveliest fragrances to come out of a bottle. 

Last, but certainly not least, is Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli.  Oh what a lovely fragrance.  I swear I can hear the bird on the packaging singing.  I tend to mostly purchase the body spray.  The fragrance is not long lasting but for $1.00 I am not going to complain.  Yes, you can get the body spray for as little as $1.00.    It may be cheap but that doesn't mean it isn't any good.  As I already wrote, if the scent thrills me that is all I care about.  The Wind Sing fragrance makes me feel pretty too just as the other fragrances above do.  Years ago in the Wind Song TV commercial a beautiful song was sung in it that I loved.   

 I have not seen the Wind Song dusting powder in the stores in a while.  

I would love to know what your favorite perfumes and body sprays are.

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