Monday, November 19, 2012

Paulo Coelho Quote

I love this quote by Paulo Coelho.  It is so true but each person has to prove it for him/her self.  I have proven this to myself too many times to doubt that it is true.  It does not matter what it is that you desire.  It has to be a burning type of desire though.  You can want something but not focus on it enough or believe that it is not within your reach.  Whenever you have a burning desire for a thing or situation to occur and you think about it all the time; you can see and feel it, the Universe lines up everything for its manifestation.  The Universe will move heaven and earth for you if you tell It what it is you desire to happen and then get out of It's way to allow it to come forth.  Do not allow even a smidgen of doubt or disbelief and your dreams will come true for you, NO EXCEPTIONS.  The Universe, which we call God ALWAYS answers your prayers.  

If you asked for something and you did not get it, it is not the fault of the Universe/God.  There had to be something amiss about the asking and how you behaved afterwards.  You have to know that it is done without any doubt, even though you cannot yet visibly see it, know with all certainty that you already have it and behave in that manner.  Do not allow people around you to re-focus your energy or the ego to start questioning (why, how, when) and over analyzing.  One thing that the ego loves to do is analyze.  I have seen people analyze things to death until they have talked themselves right out of their goals and dreams.  Some of the most boring conversations I have had with people are with those who love to analyze everything.  They even take pride on how much they can pick apart a subject and dissect it to death.  It makes them feel intelligent and scholarly.  That is when I start having to stifle yawns...LOL

Life is really not difficult.  It is humans through the use of free will that makes life a struggle.  The wonderful gifts of life are always waiting for you to turn to it.


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