Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Christmas Time YAY!!!

Finally we are all done with Thanksgiving for this year and we can focus on my favorite Holiday...Christmas.  It has not started snowing yet here in my part of the country and I am not complaining.  I love the snow, but as a home owner I do not like having to shovel it.  Snow looks very pretty though when it first falls from the sky.  I started Christmas decorating over the weekend and I will take photos when it is all done and post them.I bought a real tree over the weekend and it is up, but not yet decorated.  I spent the weekend mostly reading a book which I enjoyed. 
 I love coloful and old fashioned Christmas ornaments.  

I light candles all year round but at Christmas time I like to have bunches of candles burning in various areas around my home.

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koralee said...

What a stunning collection of images! I love the old fashion vintage Christmas balls too.
Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog the other happy to have found you. No snow here yet as well. xoxo