Monday, October 29, 2012

Silverware Utensils


I really, really, really need a good quality set of silverware.  I have a lot of mixed matched silverware that serves their purpose very well.  However, I want to get a set that has beautiful handles on them and that comes in a beautiful velvet lined box.   I don't need a big set because when I do entertain it is usually a small group of people that I invite over.  I would be happy getting a service for eight set of silverware.  A set of sixteen would be ideal, but eight is fine. 

I like vintage silverware, but you really cannot be sure what they are made of.  It is important to me that silverware is made of sterling silver.  

I think these are lovely.  It is ornate without being gaudy.

If you have any suggestion on where I can find good quality silverware for reasonble prices I would love to hear from you.  This includes online stores.


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