Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos of Sophia Loren that I DON'T Like

Believe it or not, there are actually photos of Sophia Loren that I do not care for.  It is not because I don't think Miss Loren is beautiful in them, but instead because I think that Sophia is much better than what the picture is.  Take for instance the above photo.  Few, if any, would disagree that Sophia Loren is strikingly beautiful.  The woman simply possesses unforgetable beauty.  Sophia would look sexy as all heck wearing a burlap sack.  Sophia does not need to resort to photos like this in order to draw attention to herself and the fact that she has a gorgeous figure.  Sophia Loren is obviously very comfortable in her own skin and sexuality and that is a good thing.  I just feel that certain types of photos gives off a different kind of message.  Sophia Loren's beauty is classic so I simply see these types of photos as dishonoring the woman that she truly is.  If you are a man you probably disagree with me though (for obvious reasons)...heehee

One has to give Miss Loren a hand for having such a beautiful figure.

Those were the days when actresses had bodies like the women they were.  Marilyn Monroe and many other actresses from back in the day were voluptuous and curvy, even if they were slim.  Now a days actresses are so skinny without a feminine figure.        

Here is a lovely photo of Miss Loren not showing any boobs but still tastefully beautiful and sexy. 

Here is Miss Loren again looking gorgeous and sexy without being suggestive.  The dress has a classic design which accentuates her womanly curves. 

 I dare you to say that Sophia is not sexy and beautiful in this photo. 

A beautiful classic look.  Some of you are rolling yours eyes at me aren't you? 

Classic Sophia; still sexy without being suggestive.  The sexpot image has not done anything for women in general.  If anything it has harmed us. 

 You could not pay me to walk out of my house like this.

Or this.....

This I would wear because it is more tasteful

...and so is this.


Nailah D'arcy said...

Well, I'm a women, and I still see nothing wrong with these photos.
When you're a sex symbol, you sell sex.. that's pretty much your job.
If you got the body why not show it off!

collarcitybrownstone said...

Hi Nailah, I don't consider myself a prude but as a woman who is sensitive to how women are treated and viewed in society I do not care for those photos, which I am entitled to just as you are entitled to like them. I am not at all trying to start a debate on whether or not the photos go too far. My blog simply reflects my loves, likes and, if I choose to share, what I do not particularly care for. To me, Xenia, I don't find the photos tasteful at all. Everyone else, of course, is free to think otherwise. I never said there is anything wrong with looking sexy (I like to look sexy), but sometimes too much of something is good for nothing. This is simply my take on it. No matter what I still love Sophia Loren and she will always be one of my favorite actresses. Thank you so much for stopping by. It is always nice to know how other people view things.

Nailah D'arcy said...

Well, I never said what your feelings towards this topic is wrong, or that you are a prude. I know many women who will agree with you.
You said "I just feel that certain types of photos gives off a different kind of message."
Sexy means sex.
When you say a women is sexy, that would mean she oozes sex appeal. And, that's pretty much Sophia Loren job.
I get what your saying, you don't have to show off that much to be sexy. Yet, these are the type of photos I think are sexy.
Society is truly never going to change. This particular topic will just keep rotating.. lol

Sorry, I will admit I love a debate, lol.

collarcitybrownstone said...

Your last sentence is very funny....LOL!