Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grumpier Old Men

Yesterday I watched Grumpier Old Men after searching netflix for movies with Sophia Loren in them.  There are quite a few listed and I decided to start with Grumpier Old Men.  The movie also stars Ann Margret, Walter Marrhau, Jack Lemmon, Daryl Hannah, Kevin Pollak and Ann Morgan Guilbert.  If you are old enough you will remember Ann Morgan Guilbert from the Dick Van Dyke show of the 1960's.  Ann played Millie Helper in 61 episodes of that sitcom.

Walter Matthau is Max Goldman and Jack Lemmon is John Gustavson.  Max has a son played by Kevin Pollak and John has a daughter played by Daryl Hannah.  

Max's son and John's daughter get engaged.  Max and John insist on planning the wedding.  
In the meantime, John is enjoying his marriage to his new wife Ariel playd by Ann Margret.  Ann looks fabulous in the movie considering she is 60 years old.  She doesn't look it at all.

Daryl Hannah and Ann Margret.

Sophia Loren plays new neighbor Maria Sophia Coletta Raghetti.  Ann Morgan Guilbert plays Maria's mother Mama Raghetti.  Sophia Loren also looks fabulous considering that she is 61 years old at the time.  Sophia actually looks way too young for Walter Matthau in the movie.  Walter is 75 years old and looks even older.  I don't really sense any chemistry romantic chemistry between the two but it was still fun to watch them play off of one another.  
Maria and her mother open up a restaurant.  Max and John does everything in their powers to thwart the success of the restaurant. 
Ann Morgan Guilbert is hysterical as Mama and I love her italian accent.  

Burgess Meredith plays John's father and he is so darned funny.  Burgess Meredith passed away two years after making this movie.  

Maria has already been married five times, but she makes that walk up the aisle one more time.  
To me the happy couple seems totally mis-matched but what the heck it was still a good fun romantic comedy.


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