Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Style Interiors

I love this room because of the touches of pink color and soft feminine artwork on the walls.

I can definitely live in this space.  There is just enough fanciness without going over the top. The only thing that I don't care for are the dark shades on the wall sconces. 
This is a great way to make a wall stand out.  I love this. 

The television on the left hand side is the only thing that ruins this picture for me.
I am such a huge fan of high ceilings.  

Oh this is so heavenly.  I love the big doors that opens up inviting the outside in.

I love this cheerful and bright entrance-way.

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Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! It's a style I love but can't get away with it in my house but my daughter's room will be the exception :) I really must get the floral wallpaper up soon and I'm still looking for a secondhand aubusson rug!