Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue and White Transferware - Love It!

I love blue and white transferware.   Here are some photos of my very small collection that is up on the walls of my kitchen.  

I really would love to get more so that I have place settings for at least eight people.  I purchased all of these plates from Marshalls many years ago and they were very inexpensive.  I haven't seen them sold at Marshalls in a long time though.  I am going to start checking around for them again.  I love having them up on the walls, but I do want some to use when I have company.

Here are some photos of blue and white transferware that I found online and they are all lovely.


Paris Pastry said...

We share a love for blue & white dinnerware! Love it! A tip for really beautiful blue and white dinnerware: Royal Danish. Sooo pretty!


collarcitybrownstone said...

I just Googled Royal Danish blue and white dinnerware and you are so right. It is so lovely!!! Thank you for the recommendation. You just inspired me to do a post just on Royal Danish blue and white dinnerware. Of course, I am also going to have to put it on my "to purchase" list. :-)

Thank you for stopping by.