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Wallis Simpson and her Prince Charming

Wallis Simpson was born Bessie Wallis Warfield on June 19, 1896.  She was called Bessie-Wallis, but at some point she dropped the Bessie part of her name and only used Wallis.  This is the woman who nearly toppled the British monarchy when King Edward abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loves.  At the time people were either outraged or considered it one of the greatest love stories.

Books have been written debunking the fairytale love story of the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor.  I don't plan on reading any of them because to me those people really do not know for sure.  Anyone else's account is only conjecture and I prefer not to spoil my belief that Wallis and Edward were two people who truly were in love.  There are books that paint Wallis out to be domineering and nasty.  However, just as I refuse to read any books filled with crap about Oprah Winfrey, I will not read any books filled with horrible things about Wallis Simpson.  

 King Edward announces that he is stepping down as King of the British Commonwealth to marry Wallis Simpson.

Wallis who later became the Dutchess of Windsor was considered unsuitable to be the wife of Kind Edward.  First of all Wallis was American born, secondly she was married twice and thirdly she was forty years old.  As far as her age goes Kind Edward was no spring chicken either since he was two years older than Wallis.  I do not buy into the double standard when it comes to age.  If Edward had brought home a twenty year old that would have been consider better than marrying a forty year old woman even though he was in his forties.

I do not see anything wrong with a future King marrying someone born outside of England.  As far as Wallis being married twice, well, all I can say is that at least all of her marriages lasted considerably longer than Kim Kardashian's.  Wallis was married to her first husband for eleven years and nine years for her second marriage.  Wallis was married to the Duke until his passing for a total of thirty five years.  Would it have been better if Wallis had never married before Edward?  Somehow I don't think a forty year old "spinster" would have been considered any more suitable to marry the King of England.

 Young Bessie Wallis Warfield

 I love this photo of Wallis Simpson.  The hairstyle suits her.

Most people seem to think that Wallis Simpson was not particularly pretty and had features that were strong like a mans.  I am of the opposite opinion.  I think that Wallis Simpson was very pretty but in an unconventional way.  I think that later on as she matured she did not exactly choose the best hairstyles for herself.  The flat pasted down to her head hairstyle of later years was not the most flattering to her but I think that she was still an attractive woman.  Wallis's facial features were strong, but to me that added to the uniqueness of her beauty.  

 Wallis Simpson looking like a Vogue model

Wallis Simpson is listed as having been a socialite.  I never really understood what kind of career path that is.  Does it mean that you marry into money and then you spend the rest of your life attending functions by other rich people?  What does a socialite do exactly?  Is it considered a job or simply a social status?


Wedding photo of Bessie Wallis Warfield.  Wallis married Earl Wnfield Spencer Jr. in 1916.

 Wallis Simpson's Wedding Dress

I have to be honest.  The wedding dress is smartly made and well tailored, but I don't think it did anything for Wallis.  I like the top half on her but the bottom half is not flattering for her particular figure.  I do hope that Wallis's wedding day to the Duke was one of the happiest days of her life.

Throughout their marriage the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor remained mostly in exile in France.


Attending the funeral of her beloved husband of thirty five years.  

 Wallis Simpson (1896 - 1986)


Vita Plastica said...

Not a conventional beauty by any means but I do think she was lovely. Physically. Even if she was domineering and nasty, I found her impossibly glamorous. However, as soon as I found out she was a nazi sympathizer and called Bahamians, "Lazy, thriving niggers." My interest abruptly stopped.

Collar City Brownstone said...

Oh really? I did not know this. Can you point me to a source of this information?

Vita Plastica said...


I just saw the King's Speech and I was so prepared to be obsessed with her! :(

Dr. J said...

Very nice!!

I was looking into if Wallis Simpson was indeed rich and thin. :-)