Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things that Make Me Smile

Things that make me SMILE. - (in no particular order)

  1. My Spiritual journey of turning within to the Great God Presence within.
  2. Living the Truth of Existence
  3. Life
  4. My family
  5. Classic soul music
  6. My beautiful home
  7. Reading romance novels
  8. Getting a spa pedicure
  9. Thanksgiving
  10. Christmas
  11. Shopping
  12. Watching British period costume drama that contains romance
  13. The rural countryside
  14. Gardens
  15. Sowing vegetable seeds
  16. Bouquets
  17. My friends
  18. Dancing
  19. Wearing pretty feminine clothing
  20. The color Pink
  21. Interior decorating
  22. Cooking classes
  23. Bathing in one of my deep claw-foot tubs
  24. Working on a vision board or art journal
  25. Arts and crafts stores
  26. Traveling
  27. Weddings
  28. New born babies
  29. Akasha and Asun
  30. Saint Germain
  31. Being female
  32. Getting a huge bargain on an item I purchased
  33. Writing
  34. Trees
  35. My house plants
  36. Letting go of things or situations that do not serve me
  37. Sweet floral perfume
  38. Blogging
  39. My dark skin
  40. My big eyes
  41. My chemical free Afro textured hair
  42. Tyler Perry's Madea
  43. Richard Armitage
  44. Food
  45. When friends stop by
  46. Having a steady cash flow
  47. Putting on make up
  48. Giving and receiving presents
  49. Being on retreat
  50. Hugs and kisses
  51. Picnics
  52. Newport, Rhode Island
  53. Rockport, Massachussets
  54. Quebec, Canada
  55. Cape Cod
  56. My first, middle and last names
  57. Hot vanilla nut creme tea by Stash
  58. Hot apple cider
  59. Sitting up in bed and relaxing and reading a book on my Kindle Fire or a print book.
  60. Bakeries
  61. The sweetheart candies that are sold around Valentines Day
  62. Riding on Amtrak
  63. Being in Love
  64. Watching the BBC movie North and South
  65. Listening to the unabridged audio version of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
  66. Pretty earrings
  67. When someone comes to me for help and I can actually help them
  68. Spending a day in a museum
  69. Trader Joe's vegan pizza
  70. Watching old Doris Day movies
  71. The Mary Tyler Moore show
  72. Watching the old "That Girl" TV show starring Marlo Thomas
  73. Watching the old Dick Van Dyke show
  74. Jesus Emmanuel
  75. James Vanderzee Harlem Renaissance photographs
  76. Quilting
  77. Long rides through the countryside
  78. Mountains
  79. The Boston Heritage tour
  80. Watching the Vicar of Dibley
  81. Touring historic homes
  82. The Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC
  83. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
  84. The Brooklyn Museum
  85. The New York Ballet performing The Nutcracker
  86. I Love Lucy reruns
  87. The Andy Griffith show reruns
  88. Listening to a person speak in French
  89. Trader Joe's popcorn with Olive oil
  90. Lays potato chips
  91. Watching The Wizard of Oz
  92. All four seasons

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