Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty Peonies

Thank goodness there is very little left of interior restoration of my home.  Therefore, next spring I am going to concentrate on my garden.  I have quite a big backyard for a house in the middle of a city and I am very grateful for it.  Many people living in an urban area would love to have as much space as I do in their backyard.  I will spend some time thinking about and planning what I want to plant out back.  I already have several bushes of knockout roses in different shades of pink that my Mom planted for me.  My knockout roses have thrived so much over the years and they bring me so much pleasure.  My neighbors are always giving my compliments about them and I love looking out of my kitchen windows at them.  

I decided to plant a couple of bushes of peonies next year.  I had peonies in the backyard of the first house that I owned.  Peonies are one of my favorite type of flowers.  They are fabulous for cutting and displaying in glass vases. 


Peonies are beautiful as bridal bouquets.

Accenting a bouquet of pink peonies with a bolder color is a pretty look.

White Peonies with a touch of very pale pink.

These paper peonies by Martha Stewart look pretty and so real.

There are so many creative ways to display lovely peonies.


Peonies have inspired many artists.

Fabric print inspired by peonies.

I hope that you enjoyed the journey through this post about peonies.


JoKnows said...

These are lovely. Great inspiration. Remind me about this next year. ;) My garden could use some of these beauties!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Xenia! This is a gorgeous post! Such a lovely bloom. I love the paintings too. I'm sure you'd love having them in your garden! So nice that you have the space! I hope you're enjoying the fall!