Friday, September 28, 2012

People and Their Cell Phones

Oh my goodness, where do I start?  I have to be honest, sometimes I wish the cell phone was never invented.  Cell phones are great to have when you are out.   In case of any type of emergency you don't have to go looking for a phone booth (not that you will ever find one now-a-days).  My cell phone has been a God send in the past when I had car trouble.  The only reason that I have a cell phone is for in case of an emergency.  I have no desire what so ever to carry on a conversation with any of my family or friends on my cell phone when I am out.  I have been out with friends who have carried on conversations on their cell phone for more then half an hour while I am waiting for them to get off of it.  

At the workplace some employees bring their cell phones into meetings and the whole time the meeting is going on they are reading text messages and texting back.  They are addicted to their cell phone and will even take the cell phone into the bathroom with them.  

Very few people seem to care about cell phone etiquette.  My cell phone rarely rings.  Since I don't have mine for daily use and still have a land-line phone at home very few people have my cell phone number.  My Mom and Dad has it, my sister, 3 of my friends that I hang out with regularly and the people in my department at work.  That is it.  I only recently taught myself how to text.  I don't use any of the apps that the phone came with.  I only make calls when I need to when I am out and I have the cheapest plan available with the carrier I use.  I simply refuse to become attached to my cell phone as if it is my umbilical cord to life.

Cell phones in and of itself are not a bad thing.  I just wish that people would practice good etiquette in using it.