Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monet's House & Gardens - A Romantic Place

While my beloved Prince Charming is searching for me I don't see any reason why I shouldn't search out honeymoon spots for us to head to after our wedding.   It is all part of saying YES to Life every day and manifesting your dreams.  Anyway, a co-worker recently spent his vacation in London and Paris.  He loved the trip to Monet's gardens and I started thinking to myself that it would be so lovely for me and my beloved to visit Monet's house and gardens together during our honeymoon.  Originally I wanted to spend my honeymoon in Quebec Canada, but now I am looking across the ocean and it is all thanks to Doug, my co-worker.  Thank you Douglas!

Isn't this so romantic?  I am visioning me and my beloved walking all throughout Monet's gardens holding hands and then sitting down on this bench to finish taking iy all in together.

The house itself looks so romantic.  It was an old derelict farmhouse that Monet purchased inexpensively.  I love buying old abandoned homes and nurturing them back to beauty.  Monet's house is located in Normandy in the village of Giverny.  Monet lived in it with his second wife Alice and her six children.  Six children????????  Monet must have really loved Alice.

More of Monet's gardens and home.

Monet also purchased quite a bit of land adjacent to the farmhouse.  Monet transformed the land into magnificent gardens that inspired many of his paintings.  Monet truly appreciated the vivid colors of plants and flowers.  It would be so romantic to live in a house and surroundings like this with my beloved.

Can you imagine looking out of every window of your home onto search beautiful gardens?  I certainly can.  

How about enjoying lunch or dinner in the front of your house in a setting like this?  I am already there in my mind.


There is such awesome beauty in this world.  Monet's gardens is used by couples to take pictures in on their wedding day.  

This is such a serene spot.  I wonder if me and my beloved decided to go into the bushes with a blanket to make love if we would get arrested.  Of course we would have to get caught first.  Maybe we should just wait until we get back to our honeymoon suite.

As you can see Monet created such beautiful gardens and saw much beauty in the world.  I wonder if he was romantic.

These images brings tears to my eyes.  They are so beautiful.  

This is Monet's bedroom. Monet's wife Alice had her own bedroom.  I am not having any of that for me and my beloved and I know he wouldn't either.  I would love for us to wake up every morning in a room this spacious with big windows to enjoy the view.  We are getting a king sized bed.

 A great big thank you to you Claude Monet.  You have made a lot of couples very happy.

The entire village of Giverny looks so pretty.  It seems to be one of many perfect honeymoon locations.

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