Monday, August 13, 2012

Semi-Sweet: A Novel of Love and Cupcakes

A lot of times I am drawn to a book because of the title and book cover art.  Such is the case with this novel.  This is delightful chick literature.  I found Semi-Sweet to be an easy read and enough to keep me interested until the end.  I love and admire Hannah Robinson.  Her boyfriend Patrick of almost two years leaves her for another woman and moves out on the night before Hannah opens her cupcake shop.  Of course Hannah is devastated but instead of falling apart completely she immerses herself in her new business to try to get over her loss.  Hannah does have her moments where she just has to let go and cry, but she does not fall into self pity for too long.  

Patrick is a dog, and I was so happy that Hannah was spared a life of hell with him.   The other woman Leah deliberately got pregnant by Patrick to force him to break up with Hannah and move in with her but by the time Leah was halfway through her pregnancy I started to feel sorry for her too.   Leah's part in the breakup is of course awful, but no one deserves a dog like Patrick.  Leah should have figured that if Patrick could cheat on Hannah with her that he was not beyond doing the same thing to her, which he did. 

I really disliked Adam's sister Nora because she behaved like such a tramp and a super snob.  Nora looked down on others when she was the one to be pitied.

My favorite couple throughout the entire book is Adam and Vivienne.  Adam was able to look past the invisible wall that Vivienne erected around herself and see a woman that could bring him happiness.  The trouble that Adam went through to try to get to know Vivienne is so modern day "Jane Austen".  How many men today would do all of that to pursue a woman as shy and unconventional as Vivienne.  It was so sweet of him to notice her in the first place.

Semi-Sweet contains other sub plots.  It takes place in a small town in Ireland named Clongarvin where everyone knows everyone elses business and lives are intertwined.

3 Stars


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JoKnows said...

I love the cover too! I am totally drawn in by cover images and titles. And, love and cupcakes as a theme? Great combo! :)