Sunday, August 12, 2012

1995 Persuasion Review

I have to admit that when I first saw this adaptation of Persuasion I did not like it at all.  All I could remember about it was Amanda Roots deer in headlights look throughout the entire movie.  I was sorry that I purchased the DVD.  I decided to watch it again a few weeks later and the second time was the charm.  I enjoy watching this version of Persuasion now.  I find the storyline of this version is easier to follow than the 2007 version.  Everyone of the supporting cast did a great job as well.  This version I find to be much more moving than the 2007 movie.     

Ciaran Hinds is perfect as Captain Frederick Wentworth.  He has the windswept look of a man who has spent years at sea.  Some people feel that Ciaran was too old to play Captain Wentworth.  At the time that this movie was filmed Ciaran was ten years older than what Captain Wentworth would be at the time he returned from the sea.  The ten year difference does show and I found it to be a little disconcerting when I watched this the first time.  Now it doesn't bother me.     

     Ciaran Hinds as Captain Frederick Wentworth

Amanda Root is Anne Eliot.  Her interpretation of the character is more docile than Sally Hawkins' version but I still enjoyed her in the role.  Amanda Root has very large expressive eyes.  

The supporting cast is also very good.  Sophie Thompson who plays Anne's married sister Mary Musgrove does a superb job.  Mary is jealous of Anne and she is also eccentric.

After over hearing a conversation that Anne is having with another man Captain Wentworth decides to write a letter to Anne revealing that after all the years that have passed his love for her has remained constant.  It is one of the most beautiful love letters to ever.

 Captain and Mrs. Frederick Wentworth



phylly3 said...

I loved this version of Persuasion! I love Amanda Root, who was perfect in this part, but I also love Ciaran Hinds!
I didn't like the more recent version very much, especially the "Bath Marathon" and that dreadful kiss! But Rupert Penry-Jones is good in anything!
I enjoyed seeing this version's ending where they are sailing away on his ship. That seems fitting.
Thanks for the lovely pictures! Have you read the book?

phylly3 said...

Nevermind... I just read your review of the book. I left a comment there too! :)