Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mary Lenox is a little girl that was born in India to very wealthy and self absorbed parents.  Neither of her parents bother with her.  The servants are the only people who come in constant contact with Mary and placate her for the most part.  Mary is a spoiled brat with a very negative disposition.

When Mary is ten years old her parents pass away during an outbreak of cholera.  Several of the servants also pass away, and Mary is sent away to live with her uncle in Yorkshire, England.  Mary's uncle Archibald Green lives in a huge house along the moors.  The gray moors sort of represents the negative disposition of Mary.

While living in Yorkshire Mary in tended to by a very pleasant maidservant named Martha Sowerby.  Martha regals Mary with stories about the late Mrs Craven and her private garden.  While playing Mary finds the key to the secret garden with the help of a bird.  Being in the garden transforms her life and the life of her cousin Colin whom she finds living in  a hidden bedroom in the house.   Colin is not allowed out of the room .  Colin also cannot walk and his believed to be crippled.  Mary decides to take care of him and eventually starts wheeling him out to the secret garden every day where he finds strength and begins to believe that he is not crippled.

 The Secret Garden to me is a very spiritually enlightening book.  The story demonstrates the power that we all have within us to heal ourselves.

5 Stars


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