Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Richard Armitage Lands Next Movie Role

I was wondering if Richard Armitage had already snagged his next acting job.  I am not surprised that he has something already lined up but I am surprised that he will start filming his next film project this month.  It is an as yet untitled movie revolving around tornadoes.  Filming is scheduled to begin July 23rd in Detroit Michigan.   The film is being directed by Steve Quayle who is said to be a protege of James Cameron.  

Here is the news article about it that was reported on Entertainment Weekly online.  

Jul 11 2012 03:26 PM ET

'Hobbit' star Richard Armitage lands major role in tornado thriller -- EXCLUSIVE

 "The Hobbit just wrapped shooting and the Dec. 14 opening of its first installment, An Unexpected Journey, is still months away, but one of its stars, Richard Armitage, is already enjoying a major career boost. The British actor, who plays the fierce dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy epic, has joined the cast of New Line’s untitled tornado thriller.
Armitage, who had roles in the BBC series North and South, Robin Hood, and MI-5, plays a widowed father who, with the help of storm chasers, tries to rescue his son from the aftermath of a string of tornadoes.
Director Steve Quale, a protégé of James Cameron who helmed Final Destination 5 and served as second unit director on Avatar, is directing the movie, which also will feature Walking Dead costar Sarah Wayne Callies. The film is set to begin shooting July 23 in Detroit."

You can also read it directly on the EW website Here.

I wonder if Richard Armitage will be playing an American in this movie.  So far Mr. Armitage has not been able to pull off an American accent, so we will see.  He had better ask Kate Winslet for some lessons. 

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