Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retro-Vintage Wedding Dresses

I love vintage wedding dresses from the sixties and seventies.  Many of them have a bohemian look to them that I find suits my personal taste.  If I were getting married I would consider wearing one.  I am over 40, but I think that an older bride has just as much right to indulge herself in frills if she wants to on her wedding day.  

 This wedding dress is so obvioulys from the 1970's.  I love the sleeves and the bodice.  It is one of my top favorites of all these wedding dresses. 

I love the flower girlie girl detail.


This dress is also one of my top favorites.

 How about being a shabby chic bride?

This lovely retro wedding dress is worn with a mantilla veil.

 Very Indie dress

 Martha Stewart at age 19 on her wedding day.


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