Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newlyweds of Convenience

Jessica Hart

A lovely romance story that I could not put down until I finished reading it.  The fact that it included a castle in the Scottish Highlands made it all the more romantic.  I loved the hero Torr McIver.  As much as he tried to hide the depth of his love for the heroine you could still sense it.  I loved the businessman side of him as well as the part of him that could find happiness in the Scottish countryside.  I find that quite a sexy combination.

   I found Mallory the heroine quite frustrating.  Her former fiance was a con-man yet she continued to pine after him for quite some time after he walked out on her leaving her in huge debt and her career shattered.  Mallory was also constantly arguing with Torr for no good reason.  After what Torr did for Mallory she should have been more respectful to him.  Granted their marriage was approached as a business arrangement, but Mallory had to be totally self absorbed to not, at least, suspect that Torr had real feelings for her.   

The ending is precious and I wanted it to be a little longer.
  This book is a cute and fast read.

4 Stars


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