Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House Plants

I love house plants and I will always have them in any house that I live in.  It is so wonderful to buy a small plant or get a cutting of one and watch it grow.  My house plants are a very important component of my living spaces.  Not only is it fascinating to see them growing taller and bigger leaves but house plants also are beautiful and bring an enormous amount of inviting "warmth" into a home.  To me a home without house plants looks cold even if it is beautiful decorated.   Every Sunday I water all of my plants.  In the summertime I may have to do it twice in some weeks.  I have a total of 28 house plants throughout my home.

 These house plants are in my library room.  I purchased them from a nursery when they were very tiny.  I am so proud of how much they have grown.  As time goes by the leaves are getting bigger and thicker.  They are also filling out more in the pots.

Collar City Brownstone

I purchased the big plant stand at Joanne's Fabric store several years ago.  The smaller one I got from the Family Dollar store.  

 This is a picture of house plants in one of my upstairs living rooms.  The plant stand came from The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

These next few pictures are the house plants in my window bay room.

These house plants are in my first floor front parlor room.

My Kitchen Windows

 This plant blooms big white flowers at Christmas time.

Random photos of homes with house plants that I found online.

Collar City Brownstone
 I love this idea and since I have two bathrooms with similar vintage looks I just may do something like this in at least one of them.  The windows in both of my bathrooms are 8 feet tall so plants will get all the needed light.

house plants
 Taking smaller potted plants and bunching them together on a table is a great look.

house plants

house plant display

house plants display
 I like to have huge potted plants sitting on my wood floors too but I always have them sitting on a water tray to protect my floors

I love using pots made of clay and ceramic.  

hosue plants
 Bright colored pots enhances the look of plants.


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello, thanks for your visit.I made the book through Costco Photo Center online real easy to do photo books.Love all your plants~Cheers Kim

collarcitybrownstone said...

Thank you very much for sharing that information with me. I must look into it.