Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fresh Market - French Baguettes and Crostinis

This afternoon after treating myself to a spa number two pedicure I headed off to one of my favorite grocery stores, The Fresh Market.

 This is a photo of my local The Fresh Market grocery store.  The market opened up in 2010 and has been a big hit ever since.  I went to The Fresh Market today to get sugar.  While there, I decided to purchase one of their French Baguettes.  Since reading Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas last week I have been itching to try a French Baguette.  I don't live in Paris or New York City, but The Fresh Market baguettes are baked fresh daily and is supposed to be an original French recipe.

I could not wait until I got home to try it.  I got into my car and broke of a piece.  First let me just say that I could smell the baguette.  My car smelled of freshly baked bread.  That was a huge plus.  The French baguette was baked to a golden brown so it looked pretty nd very appetizing.  When I bit into it the outside of the baguette was crusty and the inside was soft and chewy.  That is exactly what a French baguette is supposed to be like.  I loved the taste and the texture.

   After enjoying the first piece that I broke off and preceeded to break off two more pieces and ate them.

Baguette are meant to be eaten on the same day they are baked.  If not it is advised to freeze it until you are ready to finish it off.  I think that what I will do is make crostini tomorrow out of whatever is leftover from today. 

Below are photos of an assortment of crostini's made with different toppings.  Since I am strictly vegan now the ones with cheese are no longer an option for me but if you are vegetarian you can certainly enjoy them all.  

 Brie, honey and cracked pepper crostini

 Avocado crostini

 Asparagus crostini

Fig crostini

Fire roasted pepper crostini

 Italian cucumber crostini

 Mushroom ragout crostini

 Pizza crostini

 Radish and butter crostini

Spinach, pesto and tomato crostini

 Strawberry and feta cheese crostini

 Poached egg crostini served with arugula salad.

For the recipes just Google the names of each one and you will get an assortment of them to your hearts delight.

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