Friday, July 6, 2012

French Aubusson Area Rugs

When I was growing up my Mom had wall to wall carpeting going on all throughout our house.  As a result I cannot stand wall to wall carpeting today.  Back in the 1970's and 80's so many people covered up beautiful hardwood floors with wall to wall carpeting.  It is supposed to help save on heat, but I will never cover up all of my floors with wall to wall carpet.

What I do love are French Aubusson area rugs.  I have 15 rooms in my home and one Aubusson rug in pink.  My Mom gave it to me and I am very thankful.  Area rugs do not cover up your entire wood flooring and add a touch of elegance a room.  I would love to get at least one more French Aubusson rug for my home. 

The French Aubusson area rug that my Mom gave me is very similar in look to this one. 

History of Aubusson Carpets

The history of Aubusson rugs dates back to the Renaissance period in the town of Aubusson located on the banks of the River Creuse in the Creuse valley of central France about 200 miles from Paris.  The first looms were likely set up in Aubusson in the 1300s by Flemish refugees, but tapestry and rug production did not begin there until the 16th century.

Aubusson rugs’ history is rich and a significant part of the revival of the arts of the Renaissance period.  They were hand woven flat weave wool rugs and tapestries originally based on Turkish designs.  In 1665 and thereafter, Aubusson rug designs were based on the motifs of Savonnerie rugs.  Prior to this time, Savonnerie rugs were only available to the King, with design and production overseen by the artists and weavers of the royal courts.  With Aubusson rug designs mimicking those of Savonnerie rugs, they became available to anyone who could afford them, typically the upper class and sophisticated aristocracy of Europe.

The long history of Aubusson rugs would come to an end around 1870 when production of these rugs ceased in the town of Aubusson.  However, for more than two hundred years the weavers at Aubusson created beautiful hand woven rugs that were revered throughout Europe.  Today, it is still possible to enjoy these rugs as they continue to be replicated in India, Pakistan, China, and Iran.
( I obtained this information from Aubusson Rugs History)

Here are photos of more beautiful French Aubusson Rugs

 The above rug would make a gorgeous wall tapestry.

 This French rug above and the one below would also serve well as wall tapestries.

I found all of these photos from Google image search.  If a photo belongs to you and you want credit feel free to let me know.  Some of the photos are from
where you can purchase some of these Aubusson rugs.


Anonymous said...

ooh this post is such perfect timing, because I'm looking for such a rug for my daughter's bedroom! They are beautiful :)

tsouth said...

I just love all area rugs and I really like these ones because they are perfect for dorm rooms!

collarcitybrownstone said...

I see plainer and less expensive rugs for dorms rooms unless the student does not have to share the room and takes very good care of their living space. Otherwise I can only picture these elegant rugs in homes. I am glad you like these rugs.

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