Friday, May 4, 2012

Never heard of Richard Armitage?

This afternoon I met a woman who just arrived in from England.  The UK is where the woman lives and she is attending the same retreat that I am am attending this weekend.  I mentioned Richard Arnitage to her and how much I enjoy his work; not to mention my mini crush.  To my amazement she had no idea who Richard Armitage is.  WHAT?....LOL  I really could not believe it.  I mentioned Spooks and North & South and she had never heard of any of those film productions either.  I never heard of Richard Armitage before January of this year, but I do not live in the UK or anyplace in Europe for that matter.

Living over here in New York I thought that British actor, Richard Armiatge was a household name in England and that I was the last person on earth to ever hear of him.

Richard Armitage in Spooks

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