Saturday, May 19, 2012

Richard Armitage Like Fine Wine

Since Richard Armitage has been so busy filming The Hobbit in New Zealand there has been a "drought" of sorts.  Mr. Armitage has not done any in depth interviews and he has not shown up anyplace around London or anywhere.   His fans are feeling the drought (me included).  However, I respect Richard's side that needs and wants his privacy.  I don't know how some celebrity wives do it.  I would not want the world looking at me because I am some famous person's wife.  I also would not want the loss of privacy.  I value my privacy too.  That may sound strange since I am part of the blogging world.  Blogging does put you "out there" to some degree, but it is not the same as being a famous actor or actress.  They are constantly being scrutinized by the public eye.

Anyway, I am getting off the purpose of this post.  I wanted to post the below photograph of Mr. Armitage.  It is a later photograph showing Richard looking more mature.  I love the look.  I don't much care for beard but Richard looks good with his.  I also love him in the close cropped hair cut.  Richard always looks good in a suit and this one is no exception.

I love the studious-serious look on Richard's face in this photo.  It is almost as if he is preoccupied with some other serious thought while permitting himself to be photographed.  I love the fine lines around his eyes and general conservative look.  Mr. Armitage has matured like fine wine.   


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