Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr. Darcy & Miss Elizabeth

One of my favorite movies is Pride & Prejudice based on the classic book written by Jane Austen.  There have been several film adaptations of Pride & Prejudice throughout the years, but I have not seen them all yet.  Everyone has their favorite Mr. Darcy.  Colin Firth is the popular favorite of many, and while I agree that Mr. Firth did a great job as Mr. Darcy he is not my personal favorite.  So far the best Mr. Darcy is Matthew MacFadyen. 

To me Colin Firth wore the period clothes better than Matthew MacFadyen but his portrayal of Mr. Darcy is missing the passion that Matthew displayed in the 2005 movie version of P&P.  It is worth going to see just for the first proposal scene.  Matthews eyes, body language and the way he spoke his lines was superbly down.  He draws you in and you wish that it was you that he was proposing to.

      Actor Matthew MacFadyen

Matthew MacFadyen in his role as Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy's first proposal scene to Elizabeth in the rain.

My personal favorite Elizabeth Bennett is Jennifer Ehle because she portrays the character in a way that is more true to the time period.  Keira Knightley's rendition steps out of the box too much for this period drama.  Many fans like that which is fine; I simply prefer a more true to the time period character portrayal. 
Actress Jennifer Ehle

Jennifer Ehle in her role as Elizabeth Bennett

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy standing with Jennifer Ehle

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett with Matthew MacFadyen.

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