Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Land line Phones

It seems that most people these days no longer have land line telephones.  Cell phones now serve as the main and only phone that people use at home.  As long as the telephone company offers land line phones I will have one.  There is no way that I am going to start carrying my cell phone everywhere with me at home.  If I go out in my yard I am not taking a phone with me.  I want to enjoy the beauty of my garden without anyone calling me.  My house is also very huge and a land line phone can be heard more easily throughout my house.

I once had a pink princess phone that I purchased from Target.  I loved that phone but I dropped it so many times that finally after about two years it stopped working.  It was a heavy phone too just like the old fashioned ones that I grew up with.  I went back to Target to get another one but they do not seem to sell it anymore.  I will have to find another pink princess phone and also a blue one for the second floor.

Pink princess phone.  This looks just like the one I had.

Electric pink princess phone.

Blue princess phone

I like this phone too.

Another cute color phone.


Jillian's Random Ruminations said...

Hi! You can order a Pink Princess online at Target. I just got one today...I looove it!!

Collar City Brownstone said...

Oh wow!!! Thank you for letting me know. I will get right on it. :-)