Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Bit of Armitage Fun

Since I have a section on here just for British actor Richard Armitage, I guess it is obvious that I have a huge crush on him.  It all started when I saw him portray the character John Thornton in BBC miniseries North & South in January.  I love the character and the book by Elizabeth Gaskell.  Richard Armitage became John Thornton in the miniseries.  It helps that Mr. Armitage is also really handsome and sexy and oh that voice!

I have a board on my Pinterst page just for Richard Armitage where I have pinned some of my favorite photos of this British actor.  Of course on Pinterest other people cane repin your pins.  One evening I decided to have some fun making the posters you see below.  It really was a lot of fun and was squealing with laughter so much as I made each one.  I pinned them up on my Pinterest board and waited to see if anyone of the women who follow my Richard Armitage board would repin them.  Well not one of them has re-pinned them....LOL  It is so funny (...well at least to me it is..LOL)  We are all in love with this one man whom we do not know and all of us want him for our very own.  Poor Mr. Armitage.....hee hee haa haa!.....LOL

Anyway, without further delay, here are the posters that I did.  I had a blast making them up.  On some of them I used the names of some of the characters that Mr. Armitage portrayed.  If RA ever finds this I sure hope he has a sense of humor.  This is all in fun.

 I borrowed this line from the movie Pride & Prejudice with Matthew McFayden.  I would swoon if Richard Armitage ever said this to me.

 Harry Jasper Kennedy, the handsome stranger in The Vicar of Dibley.

 L'amo Xenia ed Italia non รจ niente senza lei.  Amare Richard

 My North & South heartthrob.  This is the man for me.

 I love you too sweetie.

 I'll try

 I am looking back, forward and sideways....LOL

 Lucas North from Spooks (MI-5).
Lucas is sexy as all heck, but I really don't want him.  I don't like his job.  It would cause way too much drama for me.  Sorry Lucas.

 Oh how I wish......hee hee

 Well Richard, I am sure, would love me if he knew me so it is at least half true...LOL

 One month later Xenia and the handsome stranger married in a private ceremony.....haa haa ( I wish)

 Oh boy what a headline this would make....LOL
I really don't want to be the wife of a famous actor though.  I prefer to lead a quieter and toned down life.

Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit.  
Actually, Thorin doesn't appeal to me at all.


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