Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pretty In Pink

I absolutely LOVE the color pink.  It is my all time favorite color and major reason why I love the picture of this room.  I also am a girlie girl so I love also that this room is so sweet and feminine looking.  My arts and crafts room in my home is painted pink and I love it.  

Can you guess why I love this picture a little girl's room?

This is so pretty.  There is not anything prettier in the summer time like pink petunias hanging in front of one's home in abundance.

I wish that I could paint the outside of my house this color but the city would not go for it on my historic house.  I think this is so lovely!

This looks like a fun room to be in.

I must look for one of these Hello Kitty coffee makers. 

LOVE this pink couch!

This pink ottoman/table or whatever it is is so ME.

Pink bathroom wallpaper.  Nice!

This vintage look pink refrigerator has Xenia written all over it.

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