Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Peek into my Brownstone

This is the tin ceiling in my front parlor room.  The ceilings in all the rooms of my home are very high.  The tin here was filthy.  I had it painted silver and it came out beautifully.  The tin is also original to the house but now looks brand new.

 My front parlor room fireplace mantel.

I am a bargain shopper and almost never buy furniture new.  I guess you can say that I am cheap.  This triple mirrored antique dresser was only $95.00 at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.   I like to drive up into alleyways looking for goodies that people throw out.  The only home decor items that I always purchase new are mattresses, electronic items and kitchen appliances.  My windows are all 8 feet tall, so I have to order window panels from JC Penney.   It is the only store that I can find them at the length that I need.  I always wait for a sale though.  These are interlined curtains of very good quality.

The tin in this room on the second floor is not in as good a shape as the tin in my front parlor room.  I had it painted this color but it didn’t turn out the way I expected.  It was supposed to look like a very shiny copper penny.   I decided to leave it like this for the time being because I don’t feel like paying to have it done over. The chandelier used to hang in a hotel.   I purchased it from a light fixture store in Saugerties, NY.

This is my library room and the sofa I bought at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $65.00.  The picture over the sofa I got for free from my neighbor Annie.  Annie is trying to de-clutter her own beautiful home and I am only too happy to accept anything I can use that she is giving away.  

I bought these two bookcases from a used furniture store in Schenectady for $15.00 each.  They have a Moroccan look to them.  I had them painted and hung in my kitchen as cabinets.   It sure beats paying thousands of dollars for custom made cabinets.   I love the way my kitchen turned out.  It inspires me to cook and spend time in there.

This is my front staircase.  It is still a work in progress along with my foyer.   Photos were taken by Neil Grabowsky.

 Here are some more random photos of my second floor in progress.

This light fixture is in my library room.  Photo is by Neil Grabowsky.

Here is a glimpse of the only set of pocket doors left in my home.  It is on the first floor between my second parlor room and my dining room.  Originally there were four sets of pocket doors in my house.  Unfortunately, three sets of them were cut up and discarded by previous slumlord owners

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